Miles on trail 60
Notes Drank coffee on our cabin porch and then made it back to the trail. Tow path was a bit muddy and there was a lot of pollen and debris falling with all of the wind.

At one of the lock houses we saw Liz again, who was looking at a young spotted fawn. We rode passt Big Pool where we saw more deer and lots of bunnies. At the start of the rail trail (around mile marker 114) we moved over and enjoyed smooth riding and some speed over to Hancock where we had a tasty, big lunch. Saw Liz and Tim again and said anoterh 'see you later'!

After lunch, back on the trail about two miles out of town my rack came undone! We bungeed it back enough to get to the bike shop we had passed on the edge of town where they fixed it up with a quick turn of a screw.

We stayed on the rail trail until it ended. Lots of nice hill and farm views up there and mossy green gullies. Back on the tow path we bouced along trying to avoid mud puddles. I twas hard to look-up and enjoy nature and we worked hard to stay on our bikes and not hit each other by accident! Lots of long bends in the path and some nice full sections of canal.

Eventually we made it to the dreaded Paw Paw detour. Brian managed some of it on his bike but I mostly walked. We called 'cry baby hill,' but we were rewarded with some great views. Right after Brian got a flat as we rolled into the twon of Paw Paw, where we met some nice folks and ate a dinner of heated frozen food from Dollar General. Big 60+ mile day is complete!