Camping Headlamp (x2), lantern, tent, sleeping bag, mattress pad, bug repellent device and refills, emergency blanket (to use under tent footprint in wet weather), inflatable pillows, 'Giga power' stove and 2 canisters, small pot, cups (2x), utensils (2x), water bladders (2x), lighter, playing cards Laundry line, quick dry towels (x2)
Food Powdered drink mix, granola bars, dried fruit, nuts, black tea, herbal tea, instant coffee, freeze dried dinner for our first night of camping, Haribo gummies
Toiletries, etc Duct tape, gauze, bandaids, bug spray / DEET, SPF, wet wipes, toilet paper, tissues, Swiss army knife, benadryl, neosporin, toothpaste, tooth brushes, floss, mouthwash tabs, face oil, face wash bar, 'New wash' shampoo, advil, vitamins, ear plugs, wash cloth, lightning gables, micro usb cables, USBC, battery with 10000mah, hair brush, eReader (x2), needle point kit (x2), notebook (x2), pens, headphones (x2), gua sha massager
Clothes Carolyn: Bib shorts, padded shorts Oofos sandals (for walking and showering), undershirts (x2), jersey (x2), socks (x3), sports bra (x2), bike gloves, rain shell, sun sleeves, sunglasses and case, pjs, underwear (x4), long socks, bra, linen shorts, blouse, light dress, swim suit, long pants, hat, bandana, biked in a pair of van sneakers

Brian: Bib shorts (x2), Oofos sandals (for walking and showering), bike shoes, under shirts (x2), jersey (x2), socks (x3), rain shell, sun sleeves, shorts, t-shirt (x2), underwear (x4), long pants