Miles on trail 43
Notes Head out of Paw Paw and into our last day on the C+O. Lots of pretty sections with tons of water plants and super tall cat tails. Saw more rabbits and the tiniest gopher I've ever seen! Increase in mountain and hill views as we moved into Cumberland. We were dragging a little with no breakfast but we were able to enjoy our last few miles on the C+O.

Right when we hit Cumberland we ran into Tim and Lisa who had some mechanical issues in Paw Paw. It was nice to see them again and we exchanged info this time, since they were going to take a break in Cumberland and we probably won't see them again.

After lunch we started out on the GAP trail. The climb felt very serious after days of soft rolling. The views were amazing though, and we saw a steam train and a bike powered train! We also rode through our first tunnel.

So tired once we hit Frostburg. Checked into the inn and had some tasty Italian food and then walked to get some icecream. Town is very pretty and in a valley. Did laundry right before the rain started falling.