Miles on trail 20
Notes Slept really well last night. So cozy with other peope in the campsite. Senic ride in the morning with two aqueduct crossings and some other historical sites. Lots of honeysuckle and wild strawberries. Stopped to pick and eat some mulberries by the river.

Rolled into Brunswick early. Town is cute and pretty large. We had breakfast at the Belfry and then checked in at the family campground, early. Waded into the Potomic and then took a nice hot shower. We did some laundry in the bike bags in the cabin and waited for the rain to come. Biked back into town for lunch and the post office. We grabbed some supplies for dinner too. Biked back to camp in the rain, saw a large hawk on the way. Read and napped. Had dinner on the porch and started my cross stitch. Excited to bike more tomorrow as today was short.